At Horace Henley's CAD Atlanta, I produce freelance home building and remodeling blueprints
for construction.

About Horace -

Horace graduated from John Patterson Technical College in Montgomery Alabama where he
studied Technical Drawing of Blueprints, Structural Engineering and Three Dimensional Design.

Horace enjoys continuing studies of art and home design.

Since 1986, Horace Henley has been designing and drafting magnificent homes for beautiful lake
front lots, outstanding estate homes at prestigious golf clubs and wonderful country homes.

Around Atlanta, Horace designed remodeling houseplans for Chris Papaik of
Atlantic Classics Building Group, LLC in Alpharetta, GA.

Also in Atlanta, Horace designed remodeling houseplans in the Downtown Area, Dunwoody
and Lithia Springs. Also, in Atlanta, for remodelor Mark Galey in Buckhead, Stone Mountain
and Stockbridge. Horace designed an addition for John Hoffman and Associates in Duluth, Georgia.

Horace has designed spectacular lake homes on Lake Martin in Central Alabama on the property
of Russell Lands Development Company, Willow Point, Windermere, Trillium, River Oaks,
The Ridge. Also on Lake Martin the neighborhoods of Still Waters and Blue Creek.
These are just a few of the neighborhoods where Horace has houseplans built that he designed.

He designed the first homes at Eagle's Landing, Eagle Point in Inverness,
Birmingham, Alabama for John Reamer.

For the late Gary Dent of Thornton Construction, Horace drew the first Greystone Village and
Linkside Houseplans at Greystone Golf Club. These plans were 1400-3000 square feet.
Horace redesigned the Greystone Ridge houseplans to be the Greystone Highlands houseplans.
These plans were 1500-2400 square feet.

Horace drew over 60 houseplans for Gary Thomas, American Homes and Land. These plans
range from 1100 to 8000 square feet. Horace also drew an 8000 square foot home for
Gary Thomas at Greystone Legacy.

Horace, with his vast experience, can design your plans big or small.

Remodeling plans or houseplans give you the opportunity to effectively estimate
the cost of building. A house plan gives everyone involved in the building process crucial information
about the vision of the house. Without a house plan or a remodeling plan to convey the home
owners ideas, the house will not become what they envisioned.

Horace has designed and drafted over 600 residential projects since 1988. With his vast
experience, he can design and finish your plans completely through the internet. My house plans include
the following items: floorplans, electrical plans, framing plans, foundation plans, elevation plans,
roof framing plans and typical section detail plans.

I give personlized attention to your project by going out to the home to measure and take pictures so that I can accurately design complete working drawings which will please the customer and obtain a building permit. I create working drawings on large paper, 24" X 36", or 18" X 24". My remodeling home plans are very clean and straight forward. I have my own D-size plotter and copier. Details are provided as required or as requested.

See Pricing Page for more details.

Below is a Description of How the Process Works
I work with you to design and develope the house plan of your dreams. All of my house plans are drawn to
National and International Building Codes. I take your ideas and put your dreams on paper so you can
(1) secure a loan, (2) get a building permit, and (3) a builder can build the home of your dreams. First, I
design a floor plan sketch on CADD and email, fax, mail or you can pick up the sketch to get your input
on the design. I take your suggestions and incorporate them into the plan. I resend you the floor plan with
the suggestions drawn in to the house design so as to get your feedback on the progress of the floor plan.
Second, I design elevation drawings according your input to fit the floor plan and email the elevations to you
to get your feedback. I take your suggestions and incorporate them into the plan. I resend you the floor plan
with the suggestions drawn in to the house design so as to get your feedback on the progress of the elevations.
Thirdly, I get your approval of the floor plans and elevations. Fourthly, I design modern electrical plans to
match your dream home and email the electrical plans to you to get your feedback. Finally, After approval
of the floor plans, elevations and electrical, I design the foundations and special details if any for your dream home.


Home Designer /Drafting and Design of house plans
Cost Estimation
Drafting and Design presentation drawings
Residential Remodeling
Residential Construction Experience
Home Product Leader
Whole House Remodeling
New Neighborhood Product Development
Design Consultant
Product Director

Drafting helicopter assembly
Drafting robotics
Drafting conveyors
Drafting ornamental iron works
Drafting factory layout


Typical Emails from Clients

Begin Email---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hi Horace, The last set of plans you sent to both myself and the Worthen's are good to go. Please print up 5 copies of blue lines and get them to me as soon as you can. Should you have any questions, please call me or respond here. -m End Email---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Begin Email--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Horace, As you can see this is a little different and some things can change. The mstr bedroom and possibly the keeping room and breakfast areas need to move or be extended so we can have the covered porch at least 10-12 ft deep. We plan to screen this area if needed so it might need a couple of columns at the outer edge. That Blank area between the fireplace wall and the mstr bdrm is just excess that just didn't fit up right. In the master bath, the double sinks do not need to be angled and we could go to one sink, but there does need to be a sit down area. The toilet does need to have a small sink within arms reach of the toilet and the toilet situated so a wheel chair could get to it. The master bath only needs a large shower with a seat in it and no threshold the ajacent master closet can get larger or squared off but we would like to keep the double doors if possible. The laundry room needs to be at least 6x8 and located approx. where it is now. The bath room in the middle of the house needs to be accessable to both bed rooms and the living area. There should also be plenty of room to get a wheel chair in there and over to the toilet and tub. That area behind the tub does not need to be there, it was a hwhtr and a closet; however both rooms do need a closet. The two extra bedrooms configuration and size can certainly change but if possible we would like them to be approx. 12x12. All doors that people pass through should be at least 36 inches. Outside walls should be 2x6, interior walls 2x4. The pantry needs to be a little larger. The foyer can change as needed. The garage can certainly move as can the basement access. Both fire places can and should be removed. If we decide to have one it will have to be self contained gas. The grand room is adjustable but needs double french doors to the porch with windows on each side. The sacred area needs to stay very much as is. The mstr bdrm can get some smaller as a last resort. Call me and let me know what you think. Thanks,

End Email------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Begin Email------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Horace, ********* and I have done some work on your drawings. We want to make the following changes. 1. Inside the new steps would only be 2-3 steps with hand rails 2. We want to start the back right side(Facing the back of house) inside of the last window in the den, so we need to move the office up in the room saving the window in the den 3. We want to add an outside covered awning/landing with a post on each end the entire length of the gable, approx 7-10' of landing, approx 2-3 steps down to ground level, steps would cross the entire length of landing. 4. Let's get rid of the existing gap in the back left of the house, where the door is now, that looks like wasted space 5. We would want double doors coming out of the side of the house Let's get the bottom floor completed before we work on the 2nd floor. Thanks for your help,

End Email-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Begin Email--------------------------------------------------------------------------

Horace, the plans are really looking good.  After talking it over with Margaret, we're going to need to modify a few things to reduce costs, I thought the bonus room would make it around 4400, not 4800 sq ft.  But we love the plan layout, so here is what we need to do, so we can actually afford to build it.  There is a lot of text here, but other than the 1st item, it's all mostly cosmetic.

1) We want to remove the curved staircase, and go with a standard 3 section straight staircase, with 2 landings.  This means getting rid of the curved exterior wall, and continuing the square wall from the 1st floor, into the second floor, having the staircase follow the contours of the square wall. I think that may effect the powder room on the 1st floor, but I'm not sure by how much.  That will also make the roof easier to deal with, I think.  We will want it to be all brick on the front now, no stucco.  We do want the banding to extend into this new all brick square staircase exterior.

2) Remove the arch doorway between the MBR and the Hall, that should be a standard square doorway.  Keep the archway between the Hall and the MBATH.

3) Per your direction, remove the window in the MBATH, and replace with a mirror.

4) Add a window (double window), centered over the 1st landing on the staircase, at 2nd floor height.  This will be a stained glass or etched glass fixed window, not an opening window.

5) When you square the staircase, it will cut into the space we planned for the Christmas closet.  So what we want to do is square off that wall, creating a closet that goes down to the first wall angle in the billiard room, with a doorway into the closet from the billiard room side, not the bar side.  So when you walk into the billiard room, there is the bar on the right, and a wall on the left, extending down to the 1st left corner.  I hope I'm explaining that ok.

6) We also want to build out the wall between the 2 windows over the garage doors, and put a ventless fireplace in that wall.  The wall should go from floor to ceiling, but should not take up the whole space between the windows, maybe just 3/4 of the space, or even 1/2, whichever looks better.

7) The elevator requires a minimum of 6" pit depth below the elevator, for your foundation plan.

8) Remove the built-in Entertainment center in the Family Room, we have a wood one, we'll be placing there.  I need a space at least 8' 6" long to put my entertainment center into the space.

9) The french doors in the Dining Room need to open in, not out.

10) We want to show a built-in desk in the Study, along the wall with the Guest Bathroom.

11) Remove the brick columns out back, and replace with white square columns, on both levels.  Add a wrought iron railing to the 2nd floor balcony.

12) in the Billiard Room, we want a vaulted ceiling, with exposed beams.

13) in the Foyer, you currently have square walls (from the original
drawing) as support for the Sitting Area upstairs.  We want to replace those with Columns, so there should be columns between the Foyer / Staircase, and the Family Room, to help with the open feeling of the space.

14) Remove the arches above the windows on the 1st floor, they should be squared, just like the 2nd floor windows.  As a note, the keystones need to be rough hewn stone, not smooth.

15) for conformity, I think the window next to the door in the breakfast nook may need to be the same size as the other two in that space, what do you think?

16) The glass block shower may also be a steam shower, so it needs to seal to the ceiling.  Don't know if you had that in your drawings or not.  We also need to remove the curve, and make that a straight wall, so the shower will be about 5x5.  We want the outside wall of the shower to be a normal wall, with a glass block window, not all glass block.

17) With squaring the stairwell, I'm not sure we want a curved balcony, probably a straight one, in keeping with the clean lines, and lower cost objective.

Where you have stucco listed on the sides for certain areas, that may end up being siding.

The walls look great coming out the sides like they do.

Do we need to tell you where we want trey ceilings?  Master Bedroom, Home Theater.

In the home theater, I'm going to want diffusing vents for the HVAC, not normal vents.  But I don't know if that is detail you need to know or not.

I know you wanted to show the HVAC on the plans in the billiard room, but I don't want to use up valuable closet space by putting it there.  It really need to go into the attic somewhere.

Hopefully, we can make these changes, and be done with the plans by Friday of this week?


> The plans are looking good.
> I like the arrangement of the Billiard Room, Bar, and Christmas Light
> storage.
> The heated square footage is 4805.
> Looks like the window in the Master Dressing Area
> will have to be taken out unless the roof pitch is lowered in that
> area or the room is enlarged.
> : )  Horace



End Email-----------------------------------------------------------------------------